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Buddha In Bhumisparsha Mudra

Turquoise Work Brass Sculpture Buddha Decor

Decorative Showpiece – 41 cm  (Brass, Multicolor)

  • W x H x D: 20 cm x 41 cm x 30 cm
  • Type: Feng Shui


Buddha In Bhumisparsha Mudra 

  • Large Buddha In Bhumisparsha Mudra – Touching Earth -It represents unshaken strength and the truth

This is the one of the most popular Buddha hand gestures called Bhumisparsha Mudra, the energy of No Fear. This is a popular Buddha hand gesture that is found in many Home decor and best fengshui

In fengshui, Buddha statues are used to assist the chi energy move throughout your home, offices and garden space. You have many choices of Buddha styles and poses.You don’t have to be a Buddhist in order to incorporate this statue into your interior or exterior decor.


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