sleeping Buddha Statue
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Sleeping Buddha Statue Solid Brass

Sleeping Buddha Statue Solid Brass, handcrafted Antique Look 10.5″ Long, Very Exclusive Reclining Nirvana Buddha



Beautiful Buddha statue which is 10.5″ long in a unique two toned finish, giving it a very exquisite look. It is made of brass and weighs over 2 lbs (close to 900 gms).

The Sleeping Buddha represents equanimity or Upekkha, which is the final virtue of the Four Brahmaviharas. With Upekkha, we learn to accept gain and loss, praise and blame and success and failure with detachment. Detachment is a neutral state of the mind, which is not holding onto anything, big or small, significant or trivial. Sleeping Buddha signifies energy of Peace, Calm, Serenity and Simplicity.


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