The Buddhist Vision-Subhuti


The Buddhist Vision-Subhuti

Are you interested in the Buddhist path, but baffled by the technicalities of Buddhist terminology? Then The Buddhist Vision is for you! The author clearly explains the concept of the Wheel of Life, the Mandala of the Five Buddhas, and how you can overcome mundane reality by ascending the spiral to the transcendental path of self-liberation. If you can accept two premises: * That consciousness survives after death, and * That the world is the counterpart of consciousness. then the ideas presented here will help you better understand the world of human experience. Most people have some perspective on existence, and if your views feel like a jumble of assumptions, prejudices or opinion, this book will help you find the reality underneath the habits that have been ingrained in you. Here you will learn that Buddhism is a practical teaching of great significance to the modern world, for it is a living tradition.


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