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Turquoise Work Brass Sculpture Buddha Decor

Brass medicine buddha

This is called Medicine Buddha – with the herb Myrobalan in his right hand and holding a lapis-colored jar of medicine nectar in his left hand and the right hand resting on his right knee, holding the stem of the Aruna fruit or Myrobalan between thumb and forefinger. Some also term it as Healing Buddha. Medicine Buddha is sitting on the brass lotus flower base.

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Brass Sculpture Buddha Decor Decor

  • Large Buddha In Bhumisparsha Mudra – Touching Earth -It represents unshaken strength and the truth
  • Material- Brass (metal). Very Rare & High Quality with detailed Turquoise Gemstones hand work.
  • Size: Approx. Size : 21 Inches Tall x 15 Inches wide x 11 Inch Depth
  • Product Weight : Heavy -Approx. Weight : Heavy 17.2 Kg (40 Lbs )

This is the one of the most popular Buddha hand gestures called Bhumisparsha Mudra, the energy of No Fear. This is a popular Buddha hand gesture that is found in many Home decor and best fengshui


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